November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Photos with A Side of Trespassing

I got THE CUTEST Thanksgiving/Fall Photos of my kids this year!  And it only took 5 minutes!
I would LOVE to say that it's because I am a BOSS at taking pictures ... but it's mostly because TECHNICALLY we MIGHT have been "TRESPASSING" lol
In my neck of the woods we are blessed to be surrounded by orchards that are BEAUTIFUL in the fall. Well most of them have big notsopretty fences around them ... and then I saw this one on a side street near my house ... it spoke to me ... it said "Throw your kids on my leaves and SNAP THOSE PICS! ... Quickly though you're not really supposed to be here."
So when they got home from school and all moaned about how much homework they had I said "Hey that's great, go get something that matches on so I can take some pictures!"

Then I grabbed the burlap "Thankful" banner I made, threw the kids in the car, drove around the block and said "Ok look ... we're gonna get this done in 5 minutes so jump out of the car, smile and look pretty :) OH and be QUIET cause TECHNICALLY we're "trespassing" ... OK ... GO!"
Hehehe I love this one :)  And we DID, we got it done in less than 5 minutes and not a car drove by so I'm pretty sure we're in the clear :)
 Then we rolled up back at home and I snapped a few of each kid for the photo books I needed to finish.
 Which was the major push ifI'mbeinghonest ;-)
When Snapfish has their annual B1G2FREE on photo books and calendars I KNOW it's time to get the camera ready!
Hindsight being 20/20 I'm SO MAD that I had that stupid fake dollar store pumpkin in the background! I had plenty to chose from but just wasn't thinking. Oh well.
 And a few horizontal for my WALL O SEASONAL PICS
 which in hindsight ... I wish I had made vertical because 98% of my good photos are vertical.
 But all in all I'm very happy with how my Fall/Thanksgiving pictures came out :)
My babies are all getting so big and so beautiful *tear*


Becca Acker said...

Cute pics! I like that thankful banner.

trulywaiting at

Joyce Lansky said...

Great photos!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the pictures and I really love that you take them with a plan for photobooks and hanging up. I'm am so far behind on all of that it's unreal.