November 11, 2012

Dollar Store Fall Centerpiece

I LOVE Fall decorating!  And I REALLY love when I can get almost everything on the cheap!

Last year for my table I went back and forth and back and forth on what to do for a centerpiece.  I try to do something different each year.  It's nothing super fantastic, but I liked it :) and ALMOST everything came from Dollar Tree ;-)

What I used:
*Black tray - (Thrift Store)
*Package of fake leaves (Dollar Store)
*Raffia (Dollar Store)
*Vase & Flowers (Flower from the Dollar Store, I had the vase but you could find a cute one there)
*Package of mini gourds/pumpkins (Dollar Store)
*2 large candle holders (already had these but you could find comparable at the dollar store)
*2 large candles (Dollar Store)
*3 small glass candle holders (Dollar Store)
*3 glass votive candle holders (Dollar Store)
*6 votive candles (Dollar Store)
*3 glass pumkpins(Dollar Store!)
*Package of candy corn (Dollar Store)

I took a black tray I found at a thrift store and layered it with leaves and raffia.  Then I put the vase and flowers in the center and the big candles on either side.  I put the glass pumpkins in a staggered arrangement with the glass candle holders, which I filled with candy corn for a cute touch ;-)  I placed the votives in a few empty spots and then sprinkled the mini pumpkins!  Easy Peasy and Dollar Store Breazy!

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