October 19, 2011

And the Tutu MANIA Continues ...

It's a tutu for my DOOR :D

So I saw this tutorial (lol) on Pinterest, and I just fell in LOVE. I am in the midst of what looks like a tutu sweatshop around here so I thought, what's ONE MORE tutu related project ;)

That, and I cute 3 rolls of black tulle with the brilliant idea of adding it my 6 year olds Lady Bug costume but it didn't jive. SO I had apx 75ft of 12" long strips of black tulle and nothing to do with it. I figured WTH! and got my supplies together! Here's a quick tutorial ...

Supplies I used:
75ft of black tulle cut in 12" strips ($3)
Dollar Store wreath ($1)
"BOO" sign from Target ($1)
Roll of 1.5" ribbon ($1)
Total cost of wreath = $6 :D

Because the wreath was a lighter wood and the tulle was on the thin side, I ended up doing my wreath just like I do my tutus, POOFY ;)

1) After the tulle is cut (here is the EASIEST WAY EVER to cut tulle), take two strips and criss cross them. Then grab same sides together so they interlock.

2) Feed loop under the wreath

3) Feed strips back through the loop and tighten.

4) Continue until the wreath is covered :)

5) I used the ribbon to hang the wreath from a nail in the door and tied a pretty bow.

6) Then I took the Boo sign and hung it from the nail behind the bow and moved the ribbon to hide the strings.

Easy Peasy :D Isn't it ADORABLE?!?!? It's SO easy and SO cheap! I just love looking at it :)

If you make one, let me know, I'd LOVE to see it!!

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October 15, 2011

Halloween Tutus! Part 3 - Zebra's ROCK!

For my final installment of Tutu PANDEMONIUM, my 13 year old's Zebra costume :) My tutu-orial is here {along with some much more helpful links ;)}

I was SO thrilled that when she saw all of the tutu ideas I had that she was EXCITED about dressing up! I almost lost her ... she tried telling me that she was too old and didn't want to dress up any more. I was sad :( I thought about my baby growing up, Halloween photos with only TWO dressed and was SAD.

So I made hers and she was over the MOON for it!

She loved it and I was just so happy :)

We got some stripped tights and I added a hot pink satin bow and ribbon to the waist band for a fun pop of color. I LOVE how it came out!

I Freezer Paper Stenciled a shirt with white paint and added some zebra stripes using a sharpie ;)

My Zebra :) She ended up liking the costume SO much that she's dressing up again this year!! She's going to be a peacock and I am SOOOO EXCITED to see how it comes out!!

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October 14, 2011

Halloween Tutus! Part 2 - Witchy Woman

As I mentioned in my last post, I was/still am on a bit of a tutu kick ;) Last year, my 5 year old said she wanted to be a witch so I made a costume that centered around a black tutu.

She looked just ADORABLE!

I did a basic black tutu {here's a basic tutu-orial with other helpful tutu related links} and then added some strips of purple satin ribbon.

We already had the hat that gave us the color scheme of black and purle so I got a t-shirt at the dollar store and freezer paper stenciled the phrase "Wichy Woman" on it ;)

I used purple fabric paint. After it was dry, I went over it with silver glitter! You can make this SOOO easily either with a cricut or by hand. If you don't already know how, look up Freezer Paper Stencil on google, it's AWESOME what you can do!

I ended up tying the purple ribbon into bows because it made her stand out from her sisters costumes ;)


My Witchy Woman :)

Next up: Part 3 - Zebra's ROCK!

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