October 19, 2011

And the Tutu MANIA Continues ...

It's a tutu for my DOOR :D

So I saw this tutorial (lol) on Pinterest, and I just fell in LOVE. I am in the midst of what looks like a tutu sweatshop around here so I thought, what's ONE MORE tutu related project ;)

That, and I cute 3 rolls of black tulle with the brilliant idea of adding it my 6 year olds Lady Bug costume but it didn't jive. SO I had apx 75ft of 12" long strips of black tulle and nothing to do with it. I figured WTH! and got my supplies together! Here's a quick tutorial ...

Supplies I used:
75ft of black tulle cut in 12" strips ($3)
Dollar Store wreath ($1)
"BOO" sign from Target ($1)
Roll of 1.5" ribbon ($1)
Total cost of wreath = $6 :D

Because the wreath was a lighter wood and the tulle was on the thin side, I ended up doing my wreath just like I do my tutus, POOFY ;)

1) After the tulle is cut (here is the EASIEST WAY EVER to cut tulle), take two strips and criss cross them. Then grab same sides together so they interlock.

2) Feed loop under the wreath

3) Feed strips back through the loop and tighten.

4) Continue until the wreath is covered :)

5) I used the ribbon to hang the wreath from a nail in the door and tied a pretty bow.

6) Then I took the Boo sign and hung it from the nail behind the bow and moved the ribbon to hide the strings.

Easy Peasy :D Isn't it ADORABLE?!?!? It's SO easy and SO cheap! I just love looking at it :)

If you make one, let me know, I'd LOVE to see it!!

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Alyssa said...

Super cute! What a great idea. I'm gonna need more doors to hang wreaths on lol.

KAT said...

Love it !!!

- KAT -

Michelle@Crazy In Iowa said...

Very creative! What a great way to use up the extra tulle!