November 18, 2012

I Put the PRO in PROcrastination

Oh boy.  It's the same thing every year, every holiday.  I think 'OH I have PLENTY of time! I'll worry about Thanksgiving after Halloween.' But then after all of the Halloween MADNESS is over, I take like a two week break and do like absolutely nothing lol  Then I get all stressed out trying to plan Thanksgiving!

And really you can substitute any holidays in place of Halloween/Thanksgiving.  Because apparently I learn from my mistakes lol

So today, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I am working on these FEW, EASY, NOT TIME CONSUMING AT ALL, projects:
  • class treats for 77 kids
  • photobooks for the grandparents Christmas gifts so I can use the Snapfish coupon B1G2F
  • Christmas card pictures 
  • chalkboard design for the Christmas card picture
  • Christmas cards
  • pictures for Thanksgiving so I can get them into the photobooks since the coupon expires on the 20th!
  • photo prop ideas for the photo session so I can GET IT ALL DONE AT ONCE and save whats left of my sanity/hair
  • a fabric scrap skirt for my youngest for school on Wednesday/Thanksgiving
  • a cute shirt to go with the skirt
  • a fabric scrap skirt for my 10 year old that doesn't look just like the one for the 7 year old because well, that would just be LAME lol
  • oh and about 50eleven other things I'm forgetting at the moment lol  
Oh my.  Now I'm tired lol

Guess I should get to it!!!

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