November 14, 2012

PINspired, A Gallery Wall

I LOVE IT when I can actually take something I have "pinned" and replicate it in my own way.  I MAY or may not be a little obsessed with Pinterest.  Who's not though, amIright?!

THIS was one of my first pins and it took me a little while to make it happen, but I did it!!  And I LOVE IT!
It's actually a Martha Stewart idea (of course!) but it's just brilliant.  It's a great way to hang a bunch of different sized photo so that they look organized and put a big area to good use.  It's the wall on the landing midway on our stairs and it's the PERFECT place for a WHOLE LOT OF PICTURES!
It's not just a place for the flock to perch and keep watch all eerie and creepy like any more!
I wanted a little bit of difference between the top and the bottom but some symmetry too.  I started by drawing a line in the middle that I could like up the bottoms of the frames on the top to.  Then I drew another line a few inches lower to line up the tops of the bottom row of frames too.

It SOUNDS simple and I'm sure it could have BEEN simple but I am not one to "read directions" or "do things the right way" lol.  So that's why there are approximately 6ish holes behind each frame as I tried to line them up.  And that is why the frames do not move or come down when my husband is home :-)  SHHHH!!!!
I do LOVE it though!  I change out my photos with each season and this gives me a great way to showcase the amazing pictures I get of these kids every year and how much they have changed :)

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Coley said...

Love it! I have pinned several gallery walls and have it on my crafty to do list. Yours looks awesome!