November 5, 2012

2x4 DIY "Thankful" Turkeys

Another fun project we made to celebrate Thanksgiving were some 2x4 "Thankful" Turkeys!

Each member of the family has a turkey and each year we paint new "feathers" and write down what we're most thankful for this year on the back!  I keep the "feathers" from every year tied up in a ribbon and we look through the past years as we're making our new ones.  It's so sweet (and funny!) to see what everyone wrote!

They were super easy to make, here's a tutorial on how my husband and I made ours in case you want to make a set for your family :) They would make a fun gift too!

Supplies we used:
2x4 wood (we used 1x4s)
Bag of googly eyes
Red and Yellow foam
7 Popsicle sticks
7 small  screws
1 bigger screw
2 different shades of stain
Various fall like paint colors
Saw (table and jig were used)
Elmers Glue

1. Cut your 2x4 (or 1x4 like we used) into 1- 4x4 square and 1- 2x6 rectangle.
 2. Take a pencil and sketch a spoon like shape (the turkey neck and head) onto your rectangle.

3. Use a jig saw and cut out your sketched shape.
 This will be your turkey neck and head!
4. Sand your wood pieces.
5. Stain your wood.  I did two different colors so the neck/head would stand out from the body.  Apply coats as needed until you get the color you like.  Let it dry overnight.
6. Drill a starter hole in the back of your turkey where you want your sticks to go.  Drill holes in your sticks.
7. Drill/screw your turkey into your turkey body.
8. Paint your sticks.  We let each of the kids paint their own and have fun with it!
9.  Cut your red and yellow foam sheets into the shapes of turkey beaks and a wattle.

10.  Let the kids choose their googly eyes and then glue on the eyes, beak and wattle.
You'll be surprised how cute they come out!
My (then) 5 year old's turkey ;-) My favorite, I LOVE those big ol eyes!!
I wrote each persons name on the bottom and on the back I wrote "I'm Thankful For..." and on each of the sticks each person writes down what they are most thankful for :)  And each year you can make a new set since all you need are new popsicle sticks!
My husband and I's turkeys :)  I'm making a sign this year to hang above them that says "All because two turkeys fell in love ..." HA!
My turkey family :)
Can't wait to see what the kids are thankful for this year!

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Meredith @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home said...

I love the stain color choices you made! These are adorable!!

Thanks for partying with us this week at Keep Calm & Link Up!! Happy Friday!!
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Anonymous said...

awesomely cute turkeys! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!!

T'onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty