November 17, 2012

Ghosts of Decors Past - Fall 2011

 My Fall Decor - 2011

As I was decorating for Thanksgiving this year, I went back to pictures from last year for some inspiration.  I try to do things a little differently each year but sometimes when I unpack my FOUR BOXES of Fall decor I get a little overwhelmed and need some direction!
 My living room/dinning room area looking out from the kitchen.

 My {almost totally} Dollar store fall centerpiece.
 My living room.  I have a few different throw pillows and blankets stashed that only get to come out during the fall!
I love how this gallery wall came out :)
My downstairs looking down from the landing.

My Fall Mantel.
Last year I didn't do a different decor set up for Halloween and Thanksgiving, I just did a Fall set up with a few minor change outs.  I used my Thankful Garland and a super cute Happy Halloween printable I found HERE!
I took a vase and filled it with corn kernels and a big bouquet of fall colored flowers
I made a couple of mini hurricanes out of vases and candlesticks from the dollar store, and filled them with candy corn! A sweet little touch of Halloween ;-)  Then added a few of the glass pumpkins I found at the dollar store, I loved them so much I think I bought like 20! lol
The table behind the door.  A vase filled with pine cones, a pretty leafy garland and some candles fill up this space perfectly :)
The wall facing the door.  I love the arrangement of these frames and change the pictures out with each season/holiday!
Our dinning room.  I love when Fall comes and the colors of our poster really blend in with the decor.  It's my favorite poster so it stays no matter what colors surround it.  It's a replica of the poster that was hanging in the reception room of the hotel my husband and I got married in :)

Yes, Fall decorating is SO much fun!

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