June 13, 2011

Teen Room Redo Part 3: Easy Inexpensive Curtains

Is it just me or are curtains EXPENSIVE?! We have TONS of windows in this house and while that's just great and all, it gets kinda pricey tryin to cover them all! When I was redoing Teen's room I needed to keep costs down so when I saw this idea on the internet I knew it was perfect!

Using a flat sheet!

So I found a hot pink sheet set on clearance for $9.98! I used the fitted sheet on the futon to make it pretty and color coordinated ;) And I used the flat sheet for the curtains!

1) I took a full size sheet and cut it down the center the long way.

2) Then I took one half and sewed the newly cut side up. Then the other. Now you have 2 long sections of fabric ready to hang!

3) I had some extra fabric that coordinated with the room so I decided to add that to the bottom of each piece, so I just sewed them on to the ends.

4) Hang and DONE!

Don't they look pretty?! With the added fabric they cost me about $7 total for BOTH panels :)

I love the color they added to the room and I especially love the price!

Up next this week Part 4: It's All In The Details

Keeping It Simple


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Love this idea! I don't sew, but I wish I did, sometimes. I agree, curtains are SO expensive! I need to get some, but I keep procrastinating b/c I don't want to pay the crazy prices!!

Coley said...

Love this idea! I need new curtains in my studio and agree they are super expensive! Had thought of using a sheet myself but wasn't sure how to go about it. This helps! TY for sharing.

Popped over from Not Just a Housewife.

D+B said...

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