December 2, 2010


I started blogging back in 2006 and have been on a bit of a hiatus ... if you call one post in 6 months a hiatus and not a blog coma.

But anyways, things have been going on! I have been a busy girl! I've lost 60lbs! My last baby started Kindergarden! I've made tutu's! And turkeys! And bread! And I've taken a lot of pictures!!

I've found that I LOVE making my own decor that looks like the expensive stuff you see in catalogs! I LOVE making clothes that looks like the expensive stuff you see in the mall! I LOVE making food that tastes BETTER than the stuff you buy at the store!

I LOVE to be creative, but I'm not exactly good at being original yet. I can execute just fine ... most of the time ;-) but the ideas themselves ... not so much lol

And then I found tutorials, and a light shone down from the heavens upon my computer ... and it was good :)

So this blog is devoted to all of the people and all of the HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of tutorials that have made it all possible :) since I start close to 60% of my sentences with "So I found this tutorial ..." LOL

Oh and then there was this "POP!" and smoke started coming from my computer when I bookmarked my eleventy hundredth post and I decided it was a good time to start keeping them somewhere else ;-)

And so the blog was born :) I'll be posting my own awesomeness, hopefully ;-), as well as sharing links that inspire me :) I hope to inspire you too! And if you see a linky you think I'd like, SHARE!! PLEASE!! I need all the help I can get!! LOL


Rebecca said...

Love the new blog! I was hoping for a picture or five buuut the holiday tutorials will suffice. ;)

Hi ... My name is Christine ... and I'm a Tutorial Addict ... LOL said...

LOL I'm still workin on it ;-) And been workin on things to put on it! Hopefully I'll have more of both soon!

ErickaModesto said...

Yay!!! Finally, I get to see EVERYTHING that you have talked about! I cannot wait to start doing this stuff with you. What better excuse for a trip to Visalia in Januray?!