December 6, 2010

A Pretty Little Tree & A Wreath

Lately I've been OBSESSED a little excited about Dollar Store crafts! Taking things from the Dollar Store and making them super cute and look like they cost more than a buck.

This tutorial inspired me to get some tinsel and prettify one of the hideous not exactly my style cone shaped trees I found at Dollar Tree. I didn't take a before picture cause I forgot, but BELIEVE ME ... this is better lol

I meant to document the process but I was just fooling around and wrapped the tinsel around the cone two-ply and it stuck! It covered just how I wanted so I figured whatthehell and left it alone! Seriously, it took my like 30 seconds to make!

My second little craft here is based on a SUPER cute wreath I saw here. Looked totally doable.

I bought two spools of wired ribbon at Dollar Tree and just started cutting sections about 6-8" long and tying them in knot to the wreath form. I already had this form, but the one from the dollar store would work just fine.

I tied about 8 sections of each color on the form, but I would've done a third ribbon as well if I'd have had it to do over. Then I began the LONG process of adding the ornaments.

Let me preface the next part by saying, I have issues. Not the least of which is an OCD issue with needing things too look balanced and equal. My husband is a lucky man, let me tell you ;-)

So I started adding the balls here and there, TRYING to overthrow the voice in the back of my head screaming "THERE MUST BE A PATTERN! IT HAS TO HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF BALLS! WHY ARE THERE MORE RED THAN GOLD?!?!?!". But the voice is loud ... and irritating ... and persistent. So the process took like 2 hours because I tried to just throw balls at it and be happy with the chaos but ended up taking them all back off and trying to create symmetry with the LOOK of chaos.

In the end, I'm ok with it ... lol. After I put it up I kept looking at it all cock-eyed, going back and adding a ball here, taking away one there ... but I guess it came out pretty cute :)

The main thing was that it gave shape to the mantel and a color scheme I could live with and best of all ... it was DONE. lol Which makes that the first thing done on a VERY long list so I like it just fine :)

I'll probably go back and add a few things here and there, but the mantel is pretty I think. And I REALLY like the fact that I MADE a lot of the stuff! The wreath, the tinsel tree, the garland, and 3 of the 4 things in those photos ;-)

Now on to the tree!!

Happy Holidaysing Everyone!!!

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Rebecca said...

"trying to create symmetry with the LOOK of chaos"

^^ I totally get that! lol

The wreath and whole mantel looks great!