December 7, 2010

Super Cute Super Easy Glitter Tree

In my quest to make as many trips to the dollar store as possible as many of my decorations as inexpensive as possible, I found this tutorial on making a glitter tree!  It looked pretty simple and cute so I gave it a shot!  I ended up making about eleventeen trips to the dollar store before I finished the two trees but whatever, they're cute ;-)

Start out with a cone shaped styro form, candle stick holder, glue, glitter,and paint brush ...

My tutorial is pretty simple ... paint on glue, sprinkle glitter, glue to candle stick ... CELEBRATE FINISHING A PROJECT.

I use the term "tutorial" loosely.

But I can't argue with results!  The trees came out pretty cute!  In the original tutorial, she painted the candlestick and it looks SO pretty!  But I knew that if it was sitting around this place was waiting for paint it would probably be done just in time to be a housewarming gift to my first born.

Not that I procrastinate ... I just put things off until the last possible minute and beyond :)

So I made a cute pair of trees and I heart them :)

They look really nice on this table and add a bunch of much needed PIZZAZ!  LOVE IT!

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Rebecca said...

Love those! I think I need some sparkly pizzaz trees too.

btw - I've changed my mind about a thousand times about my Christmas decor. Finally decided to stick with red, green, gold & silver - traditional. What I was wrong about is my current colors. I had a cranberry/wine red, not a true red. And my bubls are all uglay. So I'll stick those away to transform with your eleventy hundred tuts and get new shiny ones at the Christmas blowout sales for next year's decor.