December 4, 2010

Christmas Planner Tutorials

So for my first real post on here I'm going to show you something that has helped me and my obsessive need for {at least the appearance of} organization!

Back in 2008 I found this tutorial for a Christmas Planner. Immediately I knew it was a MUST. I can't tell you how many times I said "OMG I'm SO glad I made this!"

It is a keeper of lists, a manager of events, a holder of receipts, basically it is my holiday brain :) Because I just don't have room for all of this STUFF in the one I have. My IRL memory is at capacity ;-)

So start out by checking out the original tutorial ... then check out my BFFs planner ... then mine below :) Put them all together and make your own! I PROMISE that you will sing it's praises from the mountain tops, if you're into that kind of thing ...

So you start off with a dollar store spiral bound notebook with LOTS of pages, assorted scrappy papers and ribbon, letter stickers, and adhesive. A borderline addiction to list making helps too.

The original post has WAY better instructions so when you say "But Christine, HOW do you adhere the papers to the papers?!" just go to her post cause I am just not that coherent or good at these tutorial things, hence this blog ;-)

The front of the finished product :)

Front and back

Okay so I decided on 5 sections, one for family lists for gifts, one for friends and business contacts, 3 is for holiday events, 4 is for my making or baking lists and ingredients, and 5 is misc (i.e. whatever I couldn't think of at the time of labeling the dividers ;-)

Awesome right?!?! I loooooved it! I used for 2 years in a row :) This year I couldn't find it by the time I started making my HELLA lists so I got another one :-/ The new one and I are happy together, it's not quite as pretty as the other one but I don't judge a planner by her cover :)

Think carefully about your dividers before you decide on them. I only have four this year, so they are Family & Friends Lists, Make & Bake, Shopping Lists (this one came in REALLY handy on Black Friday!), and Misc.

I can not impress upon you how awesome this lovely planner has been but I can saw without much hesitation that it has SAVED CHRISTMAS 3 years in a row ... they should make a Halmark Channel movie about it.

So if anyone makes one PLEASE let me know!! I would LOVE to see what you do with it! And if you have the time, comment on the original post and let her know how awesome she is :D We bloggers dig that ;-)

Happy Holidaysing!!

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Rebecca said...

"The Planner That Saved Christmas"...LOL I can see it now. I'm so happy you don't judge a planner by her cover. ;) And of course a planner would be a HER right? lol

I'm still using the same planner, though I think I'll be out of pages and in need of a new one for next year. Yay project! lol