October 25, 2012

SUYL - Halloween Costumes!

 This week Kelly's Korner is talking about Halloween Costumes!  I must admit I LOVE making my girls' costumes! This will be the 3rd year in a row that I've made them tutu costumes and they are already deciding what they want to be next year, even my 15 year old!

Halloween 2010

From the first tutu I made I knew I was hooked :)  My oldest daughter wanted to be a zebra so I made her a black and white striped tutu and added some hot pink for a little flair ;)

Right down to her toes! I LOVE how puffy the tutus came out!  I decided to freezer paper stencil some dollar store t-shirts to go with their costumes. Then added in little touches like striped tights!  I wrote a quick post about it HERE.

My 8 year old daughter wanted to be a devil, "but not a SCARY devil, a cute one!" HA!

I think we achieved that! She was my "Darling Devil" and OH MY WORD AT THE CUTENESS! I posted a FULL TUTU TUTORIAL HERE.

 My 5 year old just wanted to wear the witches hat ;-) So I fashioned her outfit after the colors in the hat.

 For her shirt, I decided she should be a "Witchy Woman" HA! I added bows instead of straight ribbon threads so that her tutu would be just a little bit different ;)  I posted about it HERE.

I was SO SO excited when they wanted me to make their costumes again in 2011!  We sat down and came up with all sorts of ideas ... I think I have enough ideas to keep them in tutu costumes until I start making some for my grandbabies! ... hmmm I don't know if I like the sound of that!
Halloween 2011

My oldest, 14 at the time, decided to throw me a tutu curve ball and be a peacock!  I had to really think about how to make the back look like a tail!  You can see the post about that HERE.

That tutu was a little different but it came out BEAUTIFUL!  We freezer paper stenciled her shirt to say "Pretty as a Peacock" and boy does she pull it off!!

 My precocious 9 year old wanted to be an angel since she had been a devil the year before.  I think she was trying to showcase her duel personalities ;) 

She and I collaborated on the outfit and I just adore how it came together :) We freezer paper stenciled her shirt to say "Angel with Attitude" and WOW does that fit her to a T!  I wrote about her costume HERE.

 My youngest, 6 years old, wanted to be a lady bug.  I didn't know how much work I was getting myself into with this one!

I had to hand cut and sew each of the little polka dots on the skirt!  But WOW was it cute!  Her shirt said "Love Bug" and I think that fit her pretty well :)  I wrote a post about the whole thing HERE.

The year I will be trying out the TUTU DRESSES ... I'm a little nervous lol.  My oldest wants to be a mummy, my 10 year old a Deatheater {Harry Potter reference ;-)}, and my 7 year old is Cinderella.  I can't wait to see them on Halloween, guess I should get started on their costumes!!!

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