July 12, 2011

Old Frame to White Board Calendar

I've been needing a white board type calendar to use just for ME. Things *I* need to do, make, cook, that kind of thing.


Old frame
spray paint
white board pens

So I had this old framed picture that's just been filling up space in the hall way since we moved here. I didn't really LIKE the picture (or the frame color) and it totally didn't go with anything anymore so I decided to put it to MUCH better use :)

1. I took the frame apart and cleaned off the glass and frame.

2. Then I spray painted the frame, 2 coats.

3. Once it was dry, I reassembled the frame with the ugly picture BACKWARDS so the white backing was facing out.

4. Then I experimented, using my white board pens, what I wanted the board to look like.

I tried out a few different styles

even looked on Pinterest to see if I could find some inspiration there.

eventually I came up with something I liked so I took the back off again and prepared to write it for real on the white paper.

5. I measured out where I wanted the lines and used a ruler to make sure they were {mostly} straight. Then I wrote in, with sharpie directly on the white paper, the days of the week and the column headers since I figured those wouldn't be changing.

The best part about writing that on the paper itself is that I don't have to worry about wiping it off or rewriting it all the time.

6. Finally I reattached everything again and she was ready to use!

Easy Peasy! I LOVE this calendar! I use it ALL the time and it's in just the perfect place. I write down all the things I need to get done in the week and then decide when to do them based on what else is going on in a day. It's helped me stay more organized and focused and it looks pretty too :D

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Rebecca said...

Eek! I <3 this for so many reasons.

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

Haha I thought you might ;)

Aleks said...

this is so awesome.
ive been needing a stylish but cheap white board