July 25, 2011

Lil Summer Break

So lately I've mostly posted my WIWW posts {IF that} and it seems harder and harder to craft these days let alone POST anything!

We've been SO busy this summer and the days that we're not busy I'm totally enjoying doing absolutely NOTHING LOL.

So I'm {totally late} taking an official SUMMER BREAK from posting. I'll be back after they go back to school {16 MORE DAYS!} crafting and posting my heart out.

16 MORE DAYS UNTIL ... THE.BEST.YEAR.EVER :) All the kids ... in school ... ALL DAY :) I can hardly freakin believe it but yes ... after almost 14 FREAKIN YEARS it will finally happen. I will be ALONE for 6 HOURS EVERY.SINGLE.{week}DAY.


Not to say that I haven't enjoyed the summer with my crazies kids, I HAVE! But I'm also ready for the BEST.YEAR.EVER. to start!

So I'll see ya'll in a couple{ish} weeks! And if ya'll miss me I'll {HOPEFULLY!} still be posting over here :D Enjoy what's left of this lovely summer ... I know I'll be trying ;)


Coley said...

It's nice to hear someone as excited about the kids going back to school as I am. I feel guilty sometimes for wanting my son to go back to school so I can get things done. 20 days here!

april@gingerbread said...

oh my...i want your closet girl...i love the yellow shoes and bracelet! AWESOME!!