December 8, 2012

So You've Decided to Get An Elf

This year we've adopted an Elf :) It was hard to find (read: my 2 Targets were out and I had to go to a Barnes and Noble lol) but we are now the proud family of Marshmallow!
She showed up last night and my youngest was SO EXCITED! They have an elf in her class, and her friends have elves, and she told her just last night that she wanted an elf SO VERY BADLY. I had already found Marshmallow by then so I couldn't WAIT for her to find her!
She got right to business ;-)  She wanted to make sure that we all knew how to care for the elf, the do's and don'ts, so that Marshmallow doesn't loose her magic ;-)
She read her book to her daddy and I, and we tried really hard to pay attention, did I mention that it was 5:45 in the morning?? We were SUPER tired, partly because we got up so early, and partly because ...
Marshmallow and I were up too late celebrating her arrival ;-)

Oh that girl is a party animal! Can't wait to see the trouble she gets into!

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