August 2, 2011

WIWW #11!

So I decided that though I'm taking a little break from posting I'd still {TRY} and keep up with the WIWW.

And then I missed Wednesday lol.

So I decided that since this whole Wednesday to Wednesday week thing was REALLY messing me up and it was hard to get my post up, that I'll just count my week as God and calendar makers intended, Sunday to Saturday :)

Or Monday to Sunday. Whatever ;)

Monday - School shopping with my heathens

PERFECT yellow cardi - ANN TAYLOR LOFT (THRIFTED! $3.98!!!!)
White vneck tank - Old Navy Clearance
Dark wash jean shorts - gifted
White flip flops - Payless
Scarf - Old Navy Clearence
Patience and Nerves of STEAL to take 4 kids school shopping - DEEP WITHIN lol

Tuesday - Kids Day at the State Fair!!

Embellished Tank - Old Navy Clearence
Khaki shorts - thrifted
Ruffled Sandals - Walmart

Wednesday - Night out with my man :)

Favorite black and white dress - Ross Clearance

Seriously ... are these not the sexiest shoes EVER? I have a total thing for yellow right now ;)

Thursday - Out to the movies with my 13 year old

Yellow Cardi (not pictured, see Monday above)
Gray lace bottom top - THRIFTED $0.99!!
White Capris - gifted!!
Yellow Sandals - WALGREENS lol
Yellow rosette - ME :)

Saturday - Birthday Party :) and excuse to wear my new dressy!

Embroidered Melon Colored Dress (omgilovethisdress) - Forever21 :)
Brown Sandals - Payless Clearance
Bracelets & Earrings - Target Clearance

I missed my WIW posts :) I've still be pushing myself to get dressed and put effort into my outfits as often as possible and HOPEFULLY after the kids go back to school I'll have more time to post.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I looooove those shoes!!! And for less than 15 dollars? Double win!

The WholeFamDamily said...

I'm dying over those heels, oh my yellow goodness, i'm in love!! i bet u felt so sassy in those, woohoo!!


Anonymous said...

You must like yellow! :0) I do, too. I loooooove that pink lacy dress. So pretty! And you're brave to wear heels... I would fall on my face!!!!

southernscraps said...

Those are fabulous shoes and I love yellow too!

Ashley said...

LOVE the yellow shoes!!! found you on pleated poppy :) really cute blog!!


Cassi said...

I love love love both pairs of yellow shoes

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

Those shoes are sooooooooo cute! I want.

Linda Z said...

Wow, you know how to get some great deal! Love your embroidered dress and cute yellow heels! :)

Flor said...

Oh, those yellow shoes are so cute! And that yellow cardi - oh my. its beautiful. And Im a little jealous that you got it for 3.98. You are so brave to take 4 kids school shopping together, lol :)

Arianne said...

so cute!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

You're rockin ALL those outfits girl! Those sandals are ADORABLE too! So tomorrow I am doing my very first "link up" party. Would LOVE for you to come link up somethin FUN! Hope to see ya there! Have a GREAT afternoon!