June 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Edition: I'm Going to Clean My Mirrors RIGHT.NOW.

HEEEEY EVERYBODY! Back for another WIWW! This weeks Edition: I'm Going to Clean My Mirrors RIGHT.NOW. After seeing my pictures, you'll know why.

Y'all ... I'm so embarrassed.

Not embarrassed enough apparently to have cleaned them last week, or to not post the pics at all. But embarrassed none the less ;)

Wednesday - Errands and out to dinner with the hubs :)

Black Jersey Knit dress - Target (love this dress cause it goes from errands on a hot day to a hot date all in the change of accessories ;)
Old Navy Green Cardi - THRIFTED for $0.99!!!!)
White Flower Clippy in my hair - JoAnns ($2.00 with coupon :)
Bracelet - Target
Necklace - came with another dress (Ross)

Thursday - shopping with Lil Miss

Pink Jersey Knit Dress - Ross (Clearance for $6.99!!!!!) LOVE how soft this dress is :)
No accessories cause I was going to be trying stuff on ;)

Friday - visiting good friends and their super cute new baby, and the park with another good friend!

Coral Halter - Kohls (Clearance for $3.99!!!!)
Kahki Shorts - Thrifted

Saturday - A Family Wedding :)

Coral Jersey Knit Dress - Ross (Clearance $6.99!!!!)
Brown Wedgey Sandals - Payless Clearance
Brown Beady Lariet Necklace - Cookie Lee
Brown Bracelets - LOOOONG ago so IDK

Sunday - Father's Day!

Black Vneck - Forever21 (LOVE)
Swingy Multi Colored Skirt - Old Navy Clearance
Necklace - Payless :)
Earrings - Target Clearance

Monday - Gym and stuff around the house

Orange Tank - Kmart Clearance
Khaki Cargo Capris - gifted

Tuesday - Picking up my girls, dropping off the boy, meeting up with my cousin at the park, visiting my mom and having lunch at her work and OMG it was 105* today and I have NO AC in my car :-/

Gray Lace Trimmed Tank - Old Navy Clearance
Dark Gray Jean shorts - gifted
Yellow Rosette Bracelet - ME :D
Yellow sandals - CVS! lol

It's been another busy week! And this week is shaping up to be the same, not that I mind though! This summer is flying by!

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Anonymous said...

All very cute, and I love the Old Navy clearance skirt!!!

Anonymous said...


Eva said...

Very cute looks. I love the multi colored skirt from Old Navy. Isn't the warm weather the best for dresses and skirts!

Conni said...

love all of the dresses, all super cute

Thanks for sharing

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the coral halter (was that a recent purchase?!) and the coral dress! The last outfit is also one of my favs as well...the hints of yellow are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love that salmony colored dress and the pretty colorful skirt! And seriously your mirrors are not that dirty.

Shannon Olson said...

I love the pink dress!
SUper cute =)

Anonymous said...

oh my, I'm tempted to post a picture of my mirror just to make you feel better! Those are not bad my dear! And whatever that flower-holder thing is in the back (obviously not the correct name..or is it?? LoL) it's CUTE!