May 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #3!

Welcome back for another edition of What I Wore and Why Do You Care? Wednesdays! :D We'll call it What I Wore Wednesday for short ;)

This weekend marks the beginning of what I call Birthday Season. We had 2 parties this weekend and one that we couldn't make it to due to scheduling conflicts. It's also the beginning of baby shower, wedding shower, and wedding season too - AND I have two birthdays of my OWN to plan!

I love having so many events to go to though, it keeps us busy, and it's so much fun to visit with people and watch each others kids grow up :) So if I'm not attending an event or planning one, I'm making something for one!

Wednesday - Not sure what I did or wear I went but I'm PRETTY sure this is what I was wearing lol

Black top - Forever21 (only $3.98 REGULAR PRICE!! - which is why I miss them everyday and why my closet is filled with woe until they are fully redecorated and reopen :) THREE FREAKIN STORIES you guys ... *fans self*

Gray flip flops - Old Navy $2.50
Yellow clippy flower - Dollar Tree :D

Seriously, how cute is that?! And they come in tons of colors! I *MAY* have gotten like 3 ... ok four ...

Thursday - Open House at my daughter's school

Brown v-neck top that fits like it was MADE for me - Forever21 ($4.98 regular price ... I KNOW, RIGHT?!)
Khaki crops - thrifted!

Brown sandals - Payless (Clearance $10!!!)

Friday - Out for drinks with the hubs :D

Black shirt of AWESOME - gifted from a friend (don't you LOVE those ties?! this is my favorite date night shirt of all time I think)
Boot Cut jeans - Target

SEXY black shoes - Payless (a birthday gift from my girls ... I have taught them well :)

Saturday - Birthday party for a friends sweet daughter at a gymnastics place

Orange Tank - Kmart (Clearance - $1.99!!!!)
Gray crops - look better in person - Kohls
Teal flip flops - Payless
Teal necklace - Payless

Sunday - Birthday party for a friend's son at Boomers Arcade/Laser Tag/Mini Golf place

White v-neck - Forever21 ($4.98 REGULAR PRICE ... don't get me started ...)
Skinny jeans - Target
Yellow ballet wedges - Payless
Yellow rosette bracelet - made by ME :D
Yellow earrings - Target

Monday - Lunch with the hubs while the kids are at school (DAMN I'm gonna miss that)

SUPER cute dress with rhinestone embellishments that this pictures just DOESN'T do justice - Ross (Clearance $8.99!!!!)
Black leggings a size too big - Walmart
Black sandals - Marshals

Tuesday - My last baby's kindergarden graduation!!! The theme was patriotic Red White & Blue so I decided to dress up too :D

White cardi/vest - Ross
Red V-Neck - Forever21 ($3.98 ... RIGHT?!)
Boot cut jeans - Target
White canvas peep toe wedges - Payless
White rosette bracelet - MEEEE :D
Blue necklaces - Dollar Tree ;)
My baby singing God Bless America - PRICELESS :)
*having the lyrics "From the mountains ... to the Fairies ..." stuck in my head - AWESOME lol*

Hope you all had an AWESOME week like I did! I'm linking up to No Model Lady for All Dressed Up and the SUPER fantastic Pleated Poppy for WIWW and you should too!!
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Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

You are cracking me up this morning - love your energy!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the black top with the ties!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

I love that orange tank with the turquoise necklace! I need a yellow rosette bracelet like the one you made...SO cute!!!

Cassi said...

So cute! That black shirt is great!

Nicole said...

Great outfits! Thanks for stopping by my blog! The black shoes that your girls got you are awesome!

Alely said...

yay! great WIWW outfit post!

thanks for visiting my blog! happy friday!

Ashley said...

so darling! i love all the payless stuff, i worked there while in school

beckaboots said...

My favorite outfit is the one you wore on Sunday. Super cute! And Forever 21 is my favorite store ever! They are so great and every time I go there it's dangerous because I want to buy everything. Anyways, love What I wore Wednesdays!


Lesley said...

Love the orange tank with the teal necklace....cute!