May 24, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #4!!

It's {almost} Wednesday again!! And I'm linking up to The Pleated Poppy and No Model Lady with my outfits for the week. Not just because I'm vain and like attention, but because it helps keep me from wearing my gym clothes

This week I decided to spice things up! I had a bunch of stuff going on so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go outside of my normal rotation, to wear things I either haven't worn in a very long time ... or maybe even EVER! Duh Duh DUUUUUUH ... lol

Wednesday - Errands and spending 3 hours in Kohls trying on clothes to end up only buying a pair of earrings on clearance getting ready for the kids to be out of school

Embellished Tank - Old Navy
Khaki shorts - Old Navy (thrifted)
Teal Flip Flips - Payless

Thursday - Awards Night for my 8th grader - Choir Concert for my 3rd grader

Awesome shirt - Kohls
Khaki Crop - Thrifted
Black sandals - Marshalls
WAY CUTE yellow earrings - Target

Friday - Out for drinks with my man before our weekend with all 4 kids

LOVE this silky embellished dress - Ross (Clearance $8.99!!)
Black Sandals - Marshalls

Saturday - Birthday party for a sweet little 3 year old :) - I've never worn this skirt and bought it over a YEAR ago! It looks SO cute I just love it :)

Yellow gathered V-neck - Kohls
White ruffled skirt of awesomeness - Old Navy
Brown sandals - Payless
Brown necklace - Cookie Lee - LOVE
White rosette bracelet - ME :D

Sunday - Breakfast out and notadamnthing else lol

Black jacket - Target (Clearance - $6.98!!)
White V-Neck - Kohls
Gray Crops - Kohls
I swear I wore shoes ...

Monday - Lunch alone with the hubs for THE LAST TIME UNTIL THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL ... 77 days in case you were wondering :)

Yes I am counting down ... I started at day 123 ;)

AWESOME skirt I got like 2 years ago and have worn like twice - Old Navy
Black top - Forever21
Teal Flip Flops - Payless

I don't have a Tuesday because Teen (my 8th grader) took my camera out of my cold lifeless hands borrowed my camera to take to school tomorrow for almost-last-day shenanigans. Oh and I DO MEAN SHENANIGANS. You should see the video she took of her friends when the teacher was out of the room! Actin' like they ain't got no sense.

Anywho - so I did good this week wearing stuff I don't normally wear and I had fun with it! I also organized my jewelry so I can see it all now and it's almost like SHOPPING when I look for something to wear :D

Linking up with these FABULOUS fashiony parties today!
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No Model Lady said...

I love Ross! Some of my favorite dresses and shoes were found there!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the white skirt & all of your sandals! thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving some love!

Shellsea said...

I love white ruffly skirts and that one looks great on you! You have a lot of cute skirts/dresses I need to wear more!